Selection of bricolage text, Too Much to Dream, ReadingRoom, 2019

Questions to ask R.
1. what is his middle name
2. how funny is he on a scale of 1 to 10
3. when he blinks does he see the world upside down
4. does he ever tag on instagram

you’re uncomfortable it doesn’t get any better
i am always sincere

dont you have a face
this isn’t a narrative, its a primary life that breathes breathes breathes
words are stupid sounds with shadows
i am not intellectual. what i write is a fog.

Thinking About Starting a Web Show soon and doing it once a week. Not Sure when
It’s the best night yesterday i’ve ever lived

i don’t know how to water the dying plants without boiling them alive
things have no reality in themselves
What’s another word for demon
photography cant do that

love it love it love it love it

You’re my favourite painting
I touched a central place where I have never touched before. I wrote from the margin.
She hates that photo she thinks she looks old
I am very emotional about certain things
my mystery

It looks too tight first of all
can you private message on that
facts are hard rocks

I am proud of myself for moving out of home living out of home glad i have good friends family and boyfriend. I would love to get into modelling sometime next year. or even learn guitar. I would love to get into acting and improve my singing and to make movies and learn to take photos and learn not to be so shy around people.

can you text me
All I need now is a job to complete my life
ill slap bitches
girls are just little sluts
someone bring me a ciggie

I wash myself with nature
is there anywhere thats hiring besides maccas and shit
the moon is changing
ive only just realised i don’t have a best friend

I have a passion for the void.
Cheap tearjerker
All I had to eat today were cold coffee

Your pictures are still on my wall
vague nausea
When they ask if i’d like to leave early i always say yes
take flash & tripod
a melodrama
it aint so mysterious
totally metaphysical
what happens to water when you put your hand in it

The Devil is an image. Imagine Hell. We grab the book, and run.
do you miss the rats?
I’m still working out how to photograph this
the map is not the terrain
is your camera heavy
beyond a look
the great pretender

still haven’t found a way to photograph people
live in the word of the photographs
I forgot to mention I read nothing, I look at nothing, I listen to nothing for fear of polluting my mind.
my mother asks if you want dinner
you look like shit
everybody wants to be in the mainstream

i walked past target but didn’t go in there
dimension & the way film describes space + light
Always is the house
they’re really cute
the most beautiful music in the world is the interstellar silence.

i lost the will to look
A sensibility for what is outside the image
How do you give a spirit form

i really wish i could synthesise my ideas for the presentation but i cannot
The Golden Record
A word in the back of your head
Look at her she’s so happy with all her toys

periphery of space and made to look
whats @ stake?
a house is just a house
remember how stoned we got in portland
Cartier-Bresson woman in water photo
the spectacle is a distraction
I killed a mosquito

hallucinations hallucinations hallucinations
I’m a little teapot
I introduce you to myself, visualise you in snapshots.
im trying to work out what planet she’s on
Getting my braces off today after 3 good long years
It is girls from which stories begin.
24 days until i turn 22

i got a new camera
how do you grab anything in 2 minutes
you didn’t find those dream diaries i guess
haven’t really done anything